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Formax FD 7100-Basic 3 Three Sheet Feeder Module with Daily Mail Inserter


FD 7100-Basic 3





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Formax FD 7100-Basic 3 Three Sheet Feeder Module with Daily Mail Inserter

The easily adaptable 7100 Series Inserters create professional, high-quality mail pieces in minutes. Its truly modular design supports a wide range of mailing applications, accommodates a large variety of envelope sizes and processes forms with top, middle and bottom address positions. With the flexibility to add up to 9 feed stations, the 7100 Series can accommodate virtually all of a company''s mailing needs now and in the future.

Three base models are available to use as is or can be expanded to meet changing needs: the FD 7100-Basic 1 with one sheet feeder and daily mail, the FD 7100-Basic 3 with three sheet feeders and daily mail, and the FD 7100-Advanced 2 with a double insert feeder. The Daily Mail mode for inserting stapled sets and Cascade Mode to link feeders offer operator efficiency and ease of use. These standard features and optional OMR and BCR, combined with intuitive design, make the 7100 Series Inserters a cost-effective investment for the office and mailroom environment.

Flexibility to accommodate a large variety of applications and to grow with your changing needs. The 7100 Series can process a variety of inserts and forms up to 16? long, fold and insert stapled sets with the dedicated Daily Mail feeder, and process documents with top, middle or bottom address positions. The modular design can accommodate 1 - 9 feed stations to meet changing business demands. The three base models are ready to go or can be expanded at any time. This truly modular design allows for the addition of the right components at the right time, making the 7100 inserters a cost-effective investment today and in the future.

Process up to 4,500 envelopes per hour, and produce up to 150,000 finished pieces per month. The powerful folding system folds up to 8 sheets at a time. Feeders can be linked, with a Cascade Mode to maximize output by connecting feeders filled with the same document. When one feeder empties, the next automatically starts feeding, for a total capacity of up to 750 sheets. The top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 400 envelopes and can be loaded on the fly to keep productivity at its peak.

Double document detectors and document length detectors are located at each feeder to ensure document integrity. Security can be further enhanced with the addition of an optional Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or Bar Code Recognition (BCR) system. These features allow for the automatic insertion of multiple-page documents, eliminating the tedious task of manually collating and inserting. Various OMR and BCR options are available to meet your requirements.

Easy to Operate
The compact design, easy to load trays and intuitive paper path help the operator to quickly get a feel for the system setup and operation. A step-by-step control panel guides the operator through job programming and functions, with the capability to create up to 20 jobs to be stored for quicker processing of recurring or frequently processed applications. Efficiency and operator ease are further enhanced with convenient access to the paper path and the ability to load each feeder on the fly. These features combined offer operator efficiency and ease of use for mail processing.

Featured Highlights

  • Fold and insert up to 4,500 pieces/hour
  • Automatic job setup
  • Full modularity 1 to 9 feeders
  • Multi-sheet feeding
  • 20 programmable jobs
  • Folds up to 8 sheets (20lb)
  • Duty cycle of up to 150,000 pieces/month

Standard Features

  • Modular design from 1 to 9 feeders
  • Automatic job set-up
  • 20 programmable jobs
  • Sheet feeder capacity of up to 500 sheets
  • Envelope feeder capacity of up to 400 envelopes
  • Processes up to 4,500 envelopes per hour
  • Fold types: C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no fold
  • Folds up to 8 sheets of paper (20lb)
  • Accommodates top, middle and bottom address positions with 3-plate folder (Basic 1 & 3 models)
  • Processes mail pieces up to 1/4? thick Dedicated hand feed station (Basic 1 & 3 models)


Speed: Up to 4,500/hour #10 envelopes
Feed Hoppers: Up to 500 sheets 20# paper top tray, 250 sheets lower trays
Envelope Hopper: Up to 400 envelopes, top-loading
Sheet Size & Weight: 5.5? - 16? H x 5.5? - 9? W / 16lb - 32lb *
Insert Size & Weight/Thickness: 3? - 6? H x 5.5?- 9.5? W / 16lb to 5/32? thick *
Envelope Size: 3.5? - 6.5? H x 6.0? - 10.375? W *
Set thickness: 1/4? (6mm)
Dimensions: 130? L x 59? H x 21? D (four-module configuration)
Weight: 715 lbs. (four-module configuration)
Duty Cycle: Up to 150,000 pieces per month
Voltage: 110 VAC (60 Hz)
Safety Certifications: UL, CSA certified


  • Inserts into envelopes up to 6.5? H x 10.375? W
  • Folds and/or inserts sheets, business reply envelopes and cards automatically
  • Multi-feeding: Allows for a set number of pieces to be pulled from one feeder, then collated and inserted automatically
  • Cascade from feeders
  • Daily Mail mode for inserting stapled sets of up to 8 sheets (Basic 1 & 3 models)

Module Options

  • Single Insert Feeder
  • Double Insert Feeder
  • Single Sheet Feeder (2 plate folder, nested only)
  • Accumulator - required for OMR/BCR or Multisheet feeding
  • Divert Tray redirects misfeeds or incomplete sets (requires Accumulator)

Accessory Options

  • Envelope Output Conveyor
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Barcode Recognition (BCR)
  • Cabinet Stands
  • Paper Jogger

* Paper & envelope specifications may vary. All media must be tested.

Customer Reviews

Formax FD 7100-Basic 3 Three Sheet Feeder Module with Daily Mail Inserter

ratingratingratingratingrating5 Out of 5

Written byLily Rachel

July 23, 2012

Keep it up.

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