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October 28, 2012

Please note our offices are currently closed due to the potential and inevitable path of Hurricane Sandy that is fast approaching the NY/NJ Coastal Regions. NJ has officially declared a state of emergency. Given the nature of the hurricane and the unforeseen circumstances of the natural disaster, please allow some extra time for email and phonecall responses, as well as shipment time. We will do our best to keep our customers updated about our situation on our websites, facebook page and via email auto-responses. We appreciate your patience in this matter and once again, thank you for doing business with Ace Depot!

We appreciate your patience and understanding during Hurricane Sandy followed by the Nor-Easter snowfall that impacted the NY and NJ Coastal Regions. Since we were in the midst of this natural disaster, our offices were shut down for 1 week with power outages, and no phone service in our area. That being said, work has NOW resumed and we are almost fully caught up with emails/voicemails/etc. We have donated $2,500.00 to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund, and we encourage YOU to contribute what you can, as well. Any donation, large or small will help the millions of people who are still without power, shelter, food or heat. Once again a BIG thank you from all of us here at Ace Depot!

Latest Comments:

Thank you for all our employees that made it into work today , with gas still scarce and power still out to close to one million households its still a struggle but thank you. We shipped close to 75% of all orders today, close to 750 orders so please rest assure you will see movement on your tracking # today or tomorrow.

Power restored and now putting back the pieces. We will be at 100% capacity tomorrow 11/4 so approx 75% of all orders that were held and did not ship last week will ship tomorrow. The rest will be shipped asap within the next few days. Thank you for sticking with us and its amazing as our situation has improved there are still over 2 MILLION residents in the affected areas still without power. The devastation I’m sure all have seen on the news and our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.

POWER!!!! Power was restored at our offices in NJ at 645pm, believe it or not we were able to ship 10-20% OF all backdated orders today so you will see a number of orders with movement on existing tracking #’s and almost 90% of all orders now have UPS and USPS tracking #’s that you will continue to see movement on as soon as progress is also met with UPS but more importantly USPS which last update their main hub in NJ was still underwater. This has been a trying time for all the residents and business of many East Coast states and we will continue to donate office equipment and money to the Red cross and other relief programs we ask that everyone please do what you can this storm has left many homeless with temperatures now plummeting into the 30’s. Thank you again for your extreme patience with us and continuing to support us. Thank you from everyone at Ace!

No real update to our situation, still no power, gas has run fry in the area so it becoming difficult to run generators any longer this may be the last update till we get power back. It has been told to us from local power authorities that it could be now 10-15 days till power restoration. Our nightmare continues…….

Still no power but we were able to secure ONE gas powered generator today and was able to prep all pending shipments and ship approx 10% of our orders today due to no lighting, limited computers and only one employee made it in ( thank you Michael ) as you can see 100% of our focus is getting as much as we can out to our customer, again thank you for the patience and our thoughts and prayers with everyone else affected by this tragedy.

DAY 3, Still no power, over 20% of local cell towers are still down so cell service is still very touch and go. We will continue to “try” and keep all our customers but it becoming increasingly difficult to do so with limited battery power. Please rest assure we are doing all we can but UPS, USPS and Fedex are still down in our area so please be patient with orders, emails etc. Phones are completely down so we will not have an access via phone at this time. We will continue to update via auto reply and our website. Thank you very much for your continued support.

We are without power 100% and have been told by local authorities and our power company that it could be up to 10 days for power restoration. We have hundreds of downed tree over power lines and the clean up will be extensive. Our emails will be extremely limited as we search for ways to power devices and search for internet signals. Rest assure along with our families safety getting our business back online and taking care of our customers is our highest priority. Thank you and if you were affected as millions have be safe.

Thank you for your patience through this…

Ace Management