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Privacy Policy

Acedepot.com understands its clients’ needs and hence takes valuable measures in keeping its data private without any unnecessary third party access. Go through our privacy policy to know how we protect our client’s private information without causing any major issues.


User Information


We at Acedepot, gather four types of information from our customers: public, private, communicative, and automatic.


Public: This comprises of the information that is available for registered users or related to some demographic information. Such information includes demographic information such as gender, user name, age, birth date, purchase history information, browsing history information, appearance, religion, occupation, zip code and geographical location. This helps us in enhancing your experience, enabling people to find you through search results and also helping us to deliver targeted advertising and promotional offers if you wish to receive them.


Private: This comprises of information like real name, email address or credit card number which helps to identify you personally. This is helpful to us for giving personalized services like those for credit card transactions, subscriptions and many more services. However, you can be rest assured of security because these services will be carried out via third party intermediary/financial institution, or by a professional payment authorization service. These are fully encrypted services that others are not able to read. On the secure server, your credit card information is passed onto a third party for processing. Here, you are in a secure mode when the tiny padlock icon at the bottom of your browser appears "locked". In future, this information is used in the course of providing our valuable services to you. This information is not rented, sold, or shared with any third party, except to the third party intermediary who will process your transaction.

Communicative: This information is that which takes place between both parties that are involved in some kind of communication through the site. These communications include internal messaging conversations, instant messages, email messages to our service personnel, submission of answers to surveys, and participation in contests etc. We save such messages for our anonymous internal messaging system in case we need to deliver them in the future. You can remain anonymous with such internal messaging system by not giving out email address to other members. Our Messenger also works on the same principle. Through effective surveys, we better understand the needs of our clients to give them improved services in the future. We also collect contest information which is used to contact our clients to pass information regarding the contests.


Automatic: This information comprises of your IP address, site usage and purchase behavior, browser type, browser activity, and browser settings. They are no way related to your personal information. The main purpose behind collecting this information is to avoid any fake registrations and also to monitor site usage demographics and dynamics. We collect your browser information and settings to ensure that our site's technical features are available to you completely.


Sharing of Information


If you are a member of the site then you also become a member of the Relationship Exchange and thus your profile will also feature on all Relationship Exchange websites. Only the public information present in your profile is shared throughout the Relationship Exchange but not your private information unless any consent provided by the client itself.




We use demographic information to fine tune the site according to our clients’ interests. This information may be used with advertisers anonymously such that the individual private information or behavior may not be determined. If our clients are responding to an ad by giving out their personal information, then the advertiser is able to identify them as a member of the demographic group. If in future a business goes through change like a merger, being acquired by another company, or selling a portion of its assets and many more, only then the personal information may be used differently subject to the changes applicable in the section “Changes to our Privacy Policy". We may also share the private information as well as demographic information with subsidiary and parent companies and businesses, and other affiliated legal entities and businesses on a non-anonymous basis. These companies also abide by the privacy policies with respect to their use and disclosure of such information. We may also share information with our agents, representatives, contractors and service providers for processing your transactions and for overall activities like authorization of credit card transactions, email origination, receipt or support services, customer relationship management services, order fulfillment and sweepstakes and promotional fulfillment. If clients have subscribed to any magazine or have enabled settings to receive any email notifications, or have purchased, received offers of products and services from third parties on the site or have elected to participate in contests and other programs, then it is agreed that they share the personal information to those third parties. Then those parties will use the information according to their privacy policies. The client’s personal interaction with those parties should be undertaken regarding the usage of the private information. Clients may also instruct them to use data just as we are entitled to use or disclose it.




The owner reserves the right to monitor all services on the site. This includes materials posted in the public as well as the communication details through chat, email, or other means of communication. Your data is available only to employees who will be dealing with your information who will provide you the much needed services. The owner can also remove any illegal material that violates the law or terms of usage. The information will be released if: 1) it is necessary to abide by the law or aid to legal requests; 2) to operate the services in a proper manner or apply the terms of any of our user terms, conditions and agreements; 3) safeguard the rights of our users and/or third parties. We have both physical and technical measures to protect your information against potential threats and dangers.



We use cookies on our site which do not cause any harm or access your private information. Our third parties may also place and read cookies on our site to maintain the customized settings. Members with no cookies may not be able to log on to the site.




For further enhancing your browser experience, we may send our clients message notifications, newsletters and site announcements, third party offers and many more which can interest them. In addition, our clients also have the benefit of receiving only those messages or mails that suit their needs and requirements.


Opt-Out and CAN-SPAM Act


Clients are free to provide their email addresses to choose the Opt-out feature to disable receiving of any emails and notifications. In this case, they agree that such information can be used and disclosed by us in any manner as appropriate. This disclosure will be compliant to our internal and site policies together with CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. The list of such clients is made into a list and saved in a database to be sent to the third party publishers, advertisers or otherwise so that they do not sent any such notifications to the listed clients. But in such a case, the site is not responsible for any consequences that may appear later on.




We do not permit children under the age of 18 to use the services of this site and we take serious efforts to ensure this. The advertising efforts are also aimed at internet users who are above the age of 18.




This site may contain links to other sites. These websites contain our brand names and trademarks which we own. If you are clicking on such links, you need to know that the control of such sites is not in our hands and hence this privacy policy also is limited to us. Such links may also collect different information and may disclose them in different ways. So we encourage you to go through their privacy policies before plunging into different options because we are not responsible for whatsoever actions are taken by them. In case of "Co-Branded Pages"(pages of companies which have a promotional relationship with us), we may share your personal information with this co-branded company. These companies will also have their privacy policies in place. To avoid any unnecessary usage, you can contact these companies regarding the sharing of your information and that they can use that information in the same manner as we use your data. These pages may also contain cookies which may be used to enhance your browsing experience, know your browsing patterns and many more things. Through this they may wish to send you interesting offers through emails. Including your financial details, we may also send your demographic data to such companies. But we will not be responsible for any consequences thereafter.




Once clients register to our site and become our associates, we ask them for contact information and information related to their site. This will not be shared with any third party without your will until and unless required by law. This is used to ensure that you are a registered associate and to establish communication between our sites. To analyze the visitor’s behavior and browsing habits, we use the third-party web beacons from Yahoo! This is also used to improve the products and services further and provide advertisements about goods and services that may interest you.

Changes to our Privacy Policy


Make sure you keep a track of this policy regularly because we may change it as per our needs. A notification will be sent to all the registered employees if at all there is a change in this policy unless you have chosen the opted-out of receiving email feature from us. Any condition like the continued use of the services or non-termination of your membership after changes are posted or emailed, will be effective irrespective of whether you have successfully received, read, or lost during transmission. Every time you visit this site, you accept that you abide by the practices described in this policy.


For more information, contact us with your questions or suggestions at webmaster@acedepot.com